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My Christmas Day


Christmas Day for me is spent in my mother’s house, enjoying a delicious Tubridy turkey and all the trimmings. It’ll be with the whole family, so naturally, I’ll be in the company of a bunch of people who talk far too much – myself included of course!

The day starts early for us. It’ll begin in the morning with three things – children, presents and happiness. From there, we’ll have the extended family scattering to visit different houses, as we all exchange gifts in the afternoon. If we have time, we’ll maybe get the chance to go for a walk before it gets dark.

Then the main event is ‘ginner’– that’s dinner and gin, very important – and that normally happens at around 4.30pm. The dinner is always a group effort, with all of the family bringing something to the table (literally in this case).

When the turkey’s finished then the board games come out – trivial pursuit is a staunch favourite – and the beer will start to flow. Unlike a lot of families, the TV will stay off all day in the Tubridy house – there’s far too much talking and catching up to be done.

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