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- Joe Chester Joe Chester plays the Grand Social, Dublin on December 13. A Murder of Crows (re-issue) and The Easter Vigil are out now.

@hotpress: Hi Joe! You’re living out in France at the moment. How does that square with your touring and recording?

@joechester: Touring wise it’s actually easier, because I play quite a lot in Belgium and Holland. I also have my own studio where I live, so it’s perfect. A lot of artists have come and recorded with me recently.

@hotpress: Anyone you can name?

@joechester: The last thing I did was help finish off the new album for The Hedge School. And Brian from A Lazarus Soul is coming down as well over the winter, so we’ll be working on their new album in France!

@hotpress: You’ve reissued your 2005 album A Murder Of Crows. What does it mean to be bringing it out 12 years after it was first released?

@joechester: It’s amazing. 2017 has been a really wonderful year for me, and all this happening around Christmas is the perfect way to top it off!

@hotpress: Would you see it as your seminal album?

@joechester: People say it is. I think a lot of it comes down to how albums are marketed, and A Murder Of Crows got a lot of attention. But to me – my best work is still ahead of me.

@hotpress: You’re most recent album, The Easter Vigil, was hugely well received.

@joechester: Yeah, and it was very different too. A Murder of Crows took three years to record, whereas this album took six days.

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