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My Christmas Day


I've just finished hanging ehr Christmas tree. On Christmas day I will be in New Twopothous­e in County Cork with my mother. We have nine brothers and sisters, but this year they’re scattered all over the place, so it won’t be too crowded. There’s also 20-odd nieces and nephews, and for that, we tend to do Kris Kringle for one and then buy for our godchildre­n. Otherwise, you’d be broke! My brother’s a chef – normally he’d do the cooking – but this year he’s going to be in America. We’re getting everything in. It will probably be the old Marks & Spencers job, because with my other brother, we just end up having holy war over toppings and vegetables. My mam will do the ham and turkey. For everything else, we’ll just buy, because life’s too short to be peeling brussel sprouts for two hours.

Elaine Crowley presents her own talk show, Elaine, on TV3.

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