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My Christmas Day



The routine in the Ó Sé house has changed year after year, especially since the young fella came along in 2014!

Now, he’s finally at the stage where he’s started to get that sense of excitement about Santy. He knows what he wants from him; he’s writing his letter at the moment and talking about him non-stop. So we want this Christmas to be full-on when it comes to Santy.

On Christmas Eve, we’ll have all the cookies and milk set out, then the carrots left for the reindeers and all that. We even thought of leaving the door ajar on the stove – these are the serious things we’re doing to make sure that when the big man comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve, there’ll be fierce excitement the following morning!

Then on the day itself, we’ll have Michael opening the presents in the morning, then Rita’s parents will come over for Christmas day, which is always really special. There’s only two things I ask for when it comes to Christmas dinner; one’s a goose, the other’s a stuffed ham. So if I have that I’ll be set. Anything else, I don’t mind what’s on the table. Sure in our house it’ll all be ate. Christmas evening then, we’d be just be hanging out the rest of the night. The TV would be on, but it’d be kept low in the background, and we’d all just kind chat away, having something to eat, something to drink. We’d also be making the phone calls to all the cousins and family over in the States. It’s all just about making sure everyone has a good day! I’m just gonna spend Xmas Day up with my parents in their house in Swords. It’s a kind of family, friends, chillout vibe, with no real plan. We’ll have some drinks with dinner, probably watch some cheesy Christmas movies, and have a few beers and hang out. I’ll maybe catch up with old friends as well. A lot of people we grew up with have moved abroad and got jobs in Australia and Canada, and at Christmas, people usually come back for a week or two. You kind of see faces that you haven’t seen in a few years and catch up with people. I love that.

Music will inevitably be part of the day. My older sister lives abroad, but she’s obsessed with the blues, and she has a tendency to pick up any instrument and play a song at any given moment. It’s great fun. We’ll probably just end up playing music until all hours, having a few beers and stuff. (Laughs) Talking shite!

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