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Ah, we know it’s the middle of winter, but the Six Nations, the finest Irish comedy festivals, and all the best summertime gigs are all just right around the corner in 2018. Can’t decide which event your friend, relative or loved one would like to go to? Never fear! The beauty of a Ticketmast­er Gift Card is that it covers you for everything.

Ticketmast­er are the biggest ticket-selling company in Ireland by a long stretch, and they’re constantly adding new events on a daily basis, so by getting a gift card, you’ll be making sure that no matter who it’s for, they’ll be spoiled for choice! This is also the ideal gift for any price range, as you can load a Ticketmast­er Gift Card with amounts up to €250. You can also choose either postal delivery or instant e-cards (so for those reading this trying to find a perfect last-minute present, this is the one for you!)

So whether you fancy shaking it off to Taylor Swift at Croke Park, shouting “He’s behind you!” at the Christmas panto, or seeing Ireland standing strong at the Six Nations, the Ticketmast­er Gift Card is the all-round solution. For memories that will last a lifetime and guaranteed smiles on Christmas morning, visit ticketmast­ and make sure your loved ones are sorted for the year ahead.

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