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Canon EOS 200D


Capture those Christmas memories with the latest, high quality camera from Canon. Small, lightweigh­t, robust, with an image quality that holds its own against more expensive rivals, the 200D is a true delight. Costing €684.99 for the body, without a lens, this is a powerhouse of a camera which is accessible to both new-shooters and seasoned snappers.

Despite its petite frame, the camera is perfectly designed. Your hand fits neatly around the grip, and the rich design and layout extends into the flip screen (which is fully rotational – so go selfie-crazy!).

The menu is also incredibly easy to use, giving you visual representa­tions when you change aperture, so you can judge whether your background is more or less in focus. A 24 megapixel sensor, the same found in Canon’s 80D, creates sublime photograph­y.

200D’s lightweigh­t body is perfect for portable vlogging and the rotational screen means you can see yourself or focus on items while filming. The 200D is the ultimate beginners DSLR, teaching you the A-Z of photograph­y while you snap pro shots.

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