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1 Cecilia St, Temple Bar, Dublin Tel: (01) 555 0241 Have you ever dreamt of playing the Indian Sitar like Ravi Shankar? Are you capitavate­d by the mystical sound of the Australian didgeridoo or the Tibetin singing bowls? Maybe you’ve never played an instrument before, but have been down to The Stag’s Head on a Thursday evening and discovered the wonder that is the ukulele.

When it comes to music, there’s always room to try out something new. And Gandharva Loka is the place to visit to satisfy your music experiment­ing needs. With a new large store on South Great George’s Street coming in January, Gandharva Loka stocks hundreds of different instrument­s from all corners of the globe, including some that are surprising­ly easy for beginners to pick up and play. The inspiratio­n to start the business came from the spiritual teacher and musician Sri Chinmoy, who performed over 800 peace concerts of meditative music all over the world and played a huge array of instrument­s. His memory is survived in Gandharva Loka, where you’ll find local, foreign and downright unusual instrument­s inside. More details at gandharval­

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