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Dyson Humidifier


‘Hygienic Mist’ might not be the most eye-grabbing title for a product, but in typical Dyson fashion, their humidifier is an impressive piece of kit. It uses Air Multiplier technology to quickly and quietly project hygienic, humidified air evenly across a room. As with the Dyson hair dryer, attention to detail is key here; the humidifier measures temperatur­e and humidity and adjusts accordingl­y to create an environmen­t which is not only hygienic, but comfortabl­e too. It’s also the only air humidifier to deliver even humidifica­tion in winter and high-velocity air to cool you in summer. In practical terms, it’s a treat to use as well the yson humidifier is engineered for 18 hours of continuous use, has a sleep timer for automatic cut-out, and can be stored neatly in any part of the room. Quite simply, it does its job and doesn’t cause any fuss whatsoever.

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