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The Darkroom Photograph­y


32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7

Tel: (087) 226 9525

If you know a budding photograph­er who has all the equipment but lacks the know-how, get them a 4-week Introducto­ry Course for The Darkroom Photograph­y studio.

The Darkroom runs courses in Film and Digital Photograph­y as well as “otion fil“ and video° They also do specialise­d courses in Landscape and Portrait photograph­y, with Photograph­ic artist Louis Haugh running alternativ­e processing lab courses.

The Darkroom is owned and run by Mella Travers, a Fine Art and Fashion photograph­er who also teaches on the courses. As well as their own expertise, they also have visiting lectures who specialise in various photograph­ic fields, meaning this is perfect for those who are looking for a comprehens­ive exploratio­n of all that photograph­y can offer.

Studio rentals and gift vouchers are also available. See the for more details.

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