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Killarney Brewing Company


Muckross Rd, Dromhale, Killarney Tel: (064) 663 6505, Killarneyb­

All eyes have been firmly trained on Killarney Brewing Company this year, and for good reasons too. After searching internatio­nally for three months to find the perfect Head Brewer, Killarney welcomed New Yorker

Mike Bank into the fold at the start of 2017. With Mike firmly at the helm, Killarney also opened an on-site taproom in their beautiful town headquarte­rs (renovated from the old Killarney Mineral Water facility), which serves some very tasty wood-fired pizzas alongside all their finest beverages.

Kerry’s favourite brewing company have been on an ambitious journey for the last 12 months, and they’ve no plans on slowing down in the year to come. 2018 will see them bring out a new range of cans in the spring, and we’re more than a little excited about getting a chance to try their Full Circle IPA. A 5%, American-styled IPA, with a crisp, aromatic flavour, we’ve no doubt it’ll be another hit.

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