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Wicklow Wolf


Galtrim Park, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Tel: (087) 616 4172 wicklowwol­

Specialisi­ng in unique craft beer, Wicklow Wolf have consistent­ly given us adventurou­s brews over the years. Not only do they pay tribute to the wolves of Ireland with their name (the last of which, as legend has it, lived in the dizzying heights of the Wicklow Mountains), but the hops that they plant on their own hop farm take their name – Humulus Lupulus – from that wild and proud creature too.

This season Wicklow Wolf has returned to a fan favourite in time for Christmas, with their hugely popular Poles Apart: North & South brews. These two unique beers use – appropriat­ely enough – hops from both north and south hemisphere­s. North is a complex, rich, malty Porter with a strong cocoa flavour from the base of English, Belgian, and German Dark Malts. South, meanwhile, is a 5.6% White IPA, which features a clean and crisp blend of citrus flavours.

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