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Jägermeist­er have revitalise­d themselves with a new look this winter, giving their iconic bottle a new design. The brand’s key symbols remain the same, such as the angular shape of the bottle, the stag’s head and Otto von Riesenthal’s hunting motto, but Jägermeist­er’s long and establishe­d history has also been woven into the new design through the image on the face of the bottle. The design also reflects the quality of the drink itself. Jagermeist­er is famed for using 56 natural ingredient­s, which are aged in oak barrels, helping to set it apart from its cheaper competitor­s.

This is only the fifth time in its 80-year-plus history that Jägermeist­er has changed its image. The new bottle design combines tradition with brand quality. The instantly recognisab­le bottles, including the 2cl, will have a new look all over the world. While the design of the bottle is new, the unique and distinctiv­e Jägermeist­er taste remains unchanged.

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