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Fever Tree Tonic


Anyone who enjoys gin will know how much of a travesty it is when your favourite spirit is paired with a dismal mixer. While most people think of mixers as being an afterthoug­ht, Fever Tree have made it a priority.

The story is an interestin­g one. Following a ‘tonic tasting’ in the US, Charles Rolls – a man who built his reputation running Plymouth Gin – joined forces with Tim Warrillow, who had a background in luxury food marketing, to analyse the compositio­n of mixers. What they discovered was that the market was full of cheap, artificial, and generally substandar­d mixers. They sought to change that.

Fifteen months after researchin­g quinine sources from as far back as 1620, embarking on trips to find the purest strains of this key ingredient, and making five iterations of the recipe, Charles and Tim emerged happy with their final result – and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water was created in 2005.

Twelve years on, they’ve created as many as 14 delicious drinks, all of which give good spirits the pairings they deserve.

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