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Dublin Whiskey Distillery


The premature demise of the

Dublin Whiskey Distillery, founded in 1872 and broken up and sold off piecemeal in 1946, was described as “one of the greatest scandals that ever happened to this country”. Its name was synonymous with Irish whiskey, but production stopped for seven decades because of shameful mismanagem­ent. Now, at a time of renewed interest in

Irish whiskey, a group of innovative whiskey makers have decided to resurrect this iconic brand.

On October 17, 2017, Dublin Whiskey Distillery was relaunched 71 years to the day after its demise. D.W.D. features a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, both double- and triple-distilled, aged between five and ten years and matured mainly in first-fill American oak Bourbon casks, with an emphasis on single malt for character and smoothness.

D.W.D’s first release, The Heritage Edition, reflects the changes in emphasis and preference­s in Irish whiskey over the decades. D.W.D’s ambition has been to create a whiskey that reflects how the original D.W.D. expression­s would have evolved over time as well as preserving the legacy of its original founder, John Brannick.

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