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I’m just gonna spend Xmas Day up with my parents in their house in Swords. It’s a kind of family, friends, chillout vibe, with no real plan. We’ll have some drinks with dinner, probably watch some cheesy Christmas movies, and have a few beers and hang out. I’ll maybe catch up with old friends as well. A lot of people we grew up with have moved abroad and got jobs in Australia and Canada, and at Christmas, people usually come back for a week or two. You kind of see faces that you haven’t seen in a few years and catch up with people. I love that.

Music will inevitably be part of the day. My older sister lives abroad, but she’s obsessed with the blues, and she has a tendency to pick up any instrument and play a song at any given moment. It’s great fun. We’ll probably just end up playing music until all hours, having a few beers and stuff. (Laughs) Talking shite!

Kodaline headline the 3Countdown Concert on New Year's Eve at the Custom House

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