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STUART CLARK manages to visit Mexico, Germany, Hungary, France and The Czech Republic without leaving his sofa.


Our good friends at Walter Presents are gifting viewers six internatio­nal box-sets for Christmas.

Available now online for your bingeing pleasure, the pick of an extremely fine bunch is Burning Bush, an HBO Europe drama set a few months after the Soviets’ brutal ending of the Prague Spring.

The star turn is much-garlanded Czech actress Tatiana Pauhofová whose most recent cinematic outing, Lida Baarová/The Devil’s Mistress, is another must-see.

We’re also loving Home Guards, which focuses on two Hungarian brothers caught up in the rise of the far-right; Frozen Sky, a German tale of social unrest, prejudice and outsider-dom set in the 1960s; The Body Collector, which tells the true story of Dutch millionair­e art collector and Nazi war criminal, Pieter Menten; Flight Of The Storks, a French whodunit? that travels from Switzerlan­d to the Congo; and The Prey, another Dutch tale of financial intrigue and wrongdoing.

They’re all free to view by registerin­g on

Meanwhile, Hot Press’ pre-Christmas Wednesday nights are being devoted to Mr. Ávila, an Emmy Award-winning hitman romp from Mexico, which nods furiously at Six Feet Under, Luc Besson’s Leon and its Channel 4 predecesso­r, The Sopranos.

Newly arrived on Netflix is Dark, a German drama in which, “A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers as they unearth a mind-bending mystery that spans three generation­s.”

Yep, we’ve a Teutonic Stranger Things on our hands!

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