We caught up with Stand­alone Records’ Laugh­ing Man ahead of his New Year’s Eve show in Dublin.

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When did you set up Stand­alone Records and why?

Stand­alone Records went live in March 2017, with the in­ten­tion of pro­vid­ing a plat­form for the mu­sic that my­self and a few close friends were play­ing. The sound we are push­ing has a rel­a­tively small com­mu­nity in Ire­land, com­pared to the likes of Ger­many, France and Eng­land to name just a few. So we thought, we can try and change that by bring­ing to­gether peo­ple who are into stripped back deep grooves.

What artists do you have on the la­bel?

A hand­ful of Ir­ish artists have put out re­leases so far, in­clud­ing Noah Skel­ton, DJ Moon­beam, Fawnic, Kayemme and my­self. We also have re­leases sched­uled from artists based in France, Eng­land, Wales and Ger­many.

What can we ex­pect from Stand­alone in 2019?

As well as our dig­i­tal out­put, we have some­thing re­ally spe­cial planned for our vinyl-only re­leases, which we haven’t seen any­where be­fore and can’t wait to share. 2019 also sees the launch of our new web­site, where you can stream tracks, mixes, and all of our shows from Stand­alone Se­lec­tions on Dublin Dig­i­tal Ra­dio.

What have been your per­sonal high­lights of 2018?

That’s a tough one be­cause so much has hap­pened, but one I would have to men­tion was my re­lease on Ja­pan’s Fas­ten Musique Con­crete, which was a la­bel I fol­lowed for years. Also, just go­ing to par­ties in dif­fer­ent coun­tries and meet­ing artists who I would lis­ten to – and they knew my mu­sic. That’s a big one!

What re­leases do you have com­ing up?

My next re­lease will be the Move­ment EP on Stand­alone, and the one after that will be com­ing out on the Ger­man la­bel Druzbha. That’s all I can say for now, but there’s a lot more to come. • Laugh­ing Man plays Game Over’s One Night Stand at Pyg­malion Pow­er­scourt, Dublin on New Year’s Eve. Face­book.com/ Laugh­ingManEire

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