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What’s your favourite thing about Ireland? BRESSIE: Always has and always will be our personalit­y. It’s unique.

LOUIZE: The stunning rugged landscape and the people – you can’t get that particular brand of humour and scathing wit anywhere else.

Your favourite Irish town?

BRESSIE: Mullaghmor­e in County Sligo is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I used to go on holidays there every summer. LOUIZE: I love Dun Laoghaire/

Monkstown. It’s so close to the city centre, but satisfies my need to be near the sea.

Best view in Ireland? BRESSIE: Landing in Dublin on a clear day.

LOUIZE: Slea Head at the tip of the Dingle Peninsula; and the ridiculous views on Cape Clear off the southwest of Cork. Your favourite restaurant?

BRESSIE: Paradiso (16 Lacaster Quay) in Cork.

LOUIZE: That’s Amorè (107 Monkstown Rd, Co. Dublin)– the most delicious little authentic Italian. Pizzas the size of your head and hilarious staff.

Best bar in Ireland?

BRESSIE: I like Nearys (Chatham St.), off Grafton Street. I’m a not big drinker, so wine’s more my thing. The Red Bank is a great wine bar. LOUIZE: Ah here! This is nearly impossible to answer! There’s one for every kind of mood you’re in. I love a good old-school dark and cosy pub, with the smell of a re burning. The Royal Oak in Kilmainham is really nice for that.

Favourite weekend retreat?

BRESSIE: Ashford Castle is like another planet. I also love writing in Harveys Point in Donegal.

LOUIZE: I need to have way more of these to be honest. It’s hard to nd the end of weeks, but I love the Cliff at Lyons (Celbridge, Co. Kildare).

Where do you shop for clothes?

BRESSIE: Anywhere that ts. Sinead Burke tells me I need to up my game, so I’m going to ask her to do my shopping for me.

LOUIZE: I’m a big fan of gold, chunky, vintage jewellery. I love looking through pieces at Rhinestone­s (18 Andrew Street, Dublin), and the old gems in vintage clothes shops like Nine Crows (22 Temple Lane South, Dublin) or the Dublin Vintage Factory (11 Fownes St. Upper, Dublin).

Where do you pick up ingredient­s for cooking?

BRESSIE: I’m not a fan of mass produced meats: a good quality butcher is key.

The food industry is so big. Over-production of certain food really affects quality. But we are lucky – there is great access to quality food in Ireland.

LOUIZE: Avoca 9 (11-13 Suffolk Street, Dublin) is my favourite! Does it count when the ingredient­s I pick up are in the form of a prepared dinner? Bressie is way more of a cook than I am...

Favourite Irish building?

BRESSIE: My own Camden Recording Studios.

LOUIZE: I love the Pigeon House, aka the Poolbeg chimneys. I love seeing them on the horizon, and ying over them coming back to Ireland.

What do you recommend to tourists? BRESSIE: There are some incredible things going on in the midlands. For example, the Hill Of Uisneach outside Mullingar is a special place. There’s a bigger story to tell in this country: tourism needs to be shared to all regions.

LOUIZE: In Dublin, you have to catch some of the exceptiona­l Irish musical talent. Head to Whelans on any night to discover golden music nuggets. If you’re up for adventure, take a motorbike around the Beara Peninsula.

• The Blizzards play Bulmers Live At Leopardsto­wn on June 20

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