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Wildes at the Lodge

Ballyhoura Mushroom Cannelloni


Serves 4

A simple, delicious dish, this is a huge hit in Wildes at the Lodge! Ingredient­s

For the pasta dough

500g 00 our

230g egg yolks

1 egg

10g mushroom powder

20ml truf e oil

For the duxelle

500g king oyster mushrooms diced 500g oyster mushrooms

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

30g butter

20ml white wine

100ml cream

2 sprigs fresh thyme

For the mornay 200ml milk 100ml cream

40g butter

40g our


Salt and pepper 100g cheese


For the pasta dough

Mix all dry ingredient­s together, make a well in centre and mix in eggs, bring together to form a stiff dough. Knead for three minutes, then cover and leave in the fridge for one hour before use.

For the duxelle

In a pan sweat the onions, thyme and garlic, add in the oyster mushrooms and butter and mix. Then add the white wine and reduce. Finish with the cream and mix in a blender.

For the brunoise king oyster mushrooms.

Cook in olive oil, season and mix with mushroom mix above.

For the mornay

Melt the butter and add the

our to make a roux, cook for 1 minute and add milk gradually while cooking the roux. Add in the cream and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Stir in the cheese and mix until all cheese has melted.

For the cannelloni – instructio­ns for how to make the cannelloni To assemble the cannelloni, roll out the pasta dough using a pasta machine and cut in 9cm strips. Cook pasta strips in boiling salted water and then remove and dry well. Pipe duxcel mixture in middle and roll tight. Place in suitable bowl and cover with mornay sauce and garnish.

1. Kelly’s Vegetarian Pudding It hasn’t caused a Gregg’s vegan sausage roll-type furore (yet!) but Kelly’s of Newport have their Blás na hÉireann award-winning Vegetarian Pudding available from Aldi stores nationwide. Using a soya base and a special blend of spices, the Mayo master butchers have created a remarkably meaty taste and texture. They’ve also added to their carnivorou­s range with seaweed-infused Wild Atlantic Black and White Puddings. kellysbutc­

2. Wild Wok

If you’re a gyoza fan worried about carbon footprints, the good news is that these little Japanese parcels of gorgeousne­ss are now being made in Wicklow by Asian Artisan Foods. The Pork, Prawn & Chive fried dumplings are especially nibblesome. Be warned; you’ll probably nish the bag off in one go. asianartis­

3. White Masu

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath is among those wowed by this peanut, sesame, honey, crispy garlic and Korean chilli ake condiment that’s great slathered onto steaks and scrambled eggs, and even better eaten out of the jar. Their Walnut Miso, Pickled ‘Shrooms and Chilli Ginger Pickle are equally awesome. The culinary brains behind the operation is Katie Sanderson who grew up in Hong Kong before moving home with her folks.

4. Spicy Basil Crush

If you’ve had enough of meagre €2 supermarke­t bunches of basil that turn to mush 24 hours after you’ve bought ’em, help has arrived. Made with much love in Middleton, Spicy Basil Crush can be added to soup, pizzas, pasta sauces, stews and, as is increasing­ly becoming the trend, gin cocktails. The Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric versions are just as tasty.

5. Sabanero

Long gone are the days when the only cheese you could buy in Ireland was Kilmeaden, Calvita and the ‘Parmesan’ that came in sawn-off toilet rolls and smelt like smelly feet. Handmade in Galway, this Venezuelan-style el queso is a cross between Manchego and Pecorino and can be grilled, grated, baked or just eaten off the block with a cheeky glass of red. sabaneroch­ 6. Ballymaloe Steak Sauce The Allen family strikes gold again with this all-natural ingredient­s sauce, which contains a generous glug of Dungarvan Blackrock Irish Stout. With notes of coffee, caramel and tarragon, it’s also great as a glaze and a marinade – our chicken wings are a trillion times tastier since we started smothering them with it. Also keep your tastebuds peeled for the new small-batch Ballymaloe Irish Mayo. ballymaloe­

7. Gubbeen Fresh Chorizo

Not content with wowing us with their cheese, the good folk from Gubbeen in Schull have installed their own smokehouse, the star of which is this paprikapac­ked cooking chorizo. The cured salami version is a must for any self-respecting charcuteri­e board.

8. James Whelan Dripping We doubt it’s on the Slimming World ‘approved’ list, but this old school beef dripping is fully deserving of the multiple Good Taste Awards it’s bagged. The Whelan family have been herding their Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle since the 1800s, with their online shop also able to sort you out with their amazing Wagyu Striploin Steaks. jameswhela­

9. Wild About Fennell Cider Butter

When Malcolm and Fiona Falconer sold their South London home a few years ago, they stuck a pin in a map of Ireland and ended up buying a smallholdi­ng on the outskirts of Monamolin, Co. Wexford, which supplies the bulk of the ingredient­s for their expanding Wild About range. However you decide to use it – we love it melted on grilled black pudding – this wondrous butter never fails to deliver.

10. Foods of Athenry Gourmet Soda Bread Toasts

The Foods of Athenry. The name is great for a start. But even that minor stroke of genius is put in the halfpenny place by the gourmet soda bread toasts made by this family rm in the titular Galway town. They are, quite simply, the best crackers ever invented. Our favourites are the Cranberry & Hazelnut and the Multiseed with Cumin. foodsofath­

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