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You can’t go far wrong in Galway, there’s so many good places. But there’s some that really stand out for me. I love WA Cafe (13 New Dock Street) — it’s a Japanese restaurant, owned by Yoshimi Hayakawa, who has a real passion for making sushi. It’s small and friendly, and they use good ingredient­s. I always get sashimi, I like the squid and octopus, and they might have turbot or something very local as well, which is fantastic.

Food 4 Thought (Unit 4, Abbeygate Street Lower) is a familyrun, old-style cafe. They do coffee and sandwiches – but the food is really healthy and it’s a lovely place to hang out and read a book. Kai (22 Sea Road) is a fantastic place too. It’s in that upper-tier of restaurant­s, but Jessica Murphy is the chef and she prides herself on being seasonal, and it’s really classy. They do organic European dishes. It’s one of those unique places: they constantly put different things on the menu.

La Tasca (1 Dominick Street) is a hidden gem. It’s very informal, but there’s a lovely atmosphere. It’s Mediterran­ean food with a strong Spanish influence. Myself and Eleanor go there quite often and it’s really good. There’s also a pizza place beside Tigh Neachtain’s bar called Pizza & Pasta Napoli (15 Cross Street Upper). They do really good value, big slices of pizza. Very satisfying and tasty.

For food shopping, Galway Market at St. Nicholas’ Church at the weekends, is always great. There’s lovely vegetarian Indian food, a famous crepe stall, and the equally famous Sheridan’s cheese-shop is there too.

The Galway Bay Brewery produces some excellent porters and has its own bar in Salthill, the Oslo.


Away from Galway, I tend to go for Asian places. I was down in Cork lately, and there’s a Michelin star Japanese restaurant called Ichigo Ichie (5 Sheares Street), which is out of this world. It’s a chef’s choice menu and it’s absolutely superb.

I also had lunch at a place in Cork called Liberty Grill (32 Washington Street), which was really good. They do an all-day Brunch and the food was beautifull­y cooked. They serve dinner in the evenings from 5pm. It’s one of those restaurant­s where you know that whoever is cooking loves what they’re doing.

As a band, The Sawdoctors played a lot in Dolan’s in Limerick (3-4 Dock Road), and they have fabulous food there. We’d be looking forward to going down just to get dinner. We didn’t even have to leave the building. Brilliant.

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