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Dublin-based company Delivery Tab are gently revolution­ising the way food and drink delivery services work in Ireland. Their unique, fast-speed service means that customers can get everything from high-end restaurant food to bar-made cocktails delivered s

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As you will already have gleaned from our pages – and pages! – packed with recommenda­tions regarding superb Irish restaurant­s of every variety, the culinary sector in this country is rocking! Now, as more and more fantastic eateries make their mark, the opportunit­ies to enjoy the sumptuous foods on offer have been hugely expanded. A brand-new, high-speed delivery service, founded in Dublin, has developed even better ways of bringing all manner of cuisine straight to your door, in the process re-de ning the term ‘takeaway’.

Delivery Tab was set up by George Beeby back in 2015. The rst business of its kind in Ireland, it began with the simple premise of connecting customers with local merchants. By using Delivery Tab’s services, merchants could allow their customer-base to purchase goods – and have them delivered to their door in less than an hour.

“I thought of the idea when I was in Los Angeles and saw that a lot of restaurant­s, bars, cafes and everything – they were delivering all their stuff around the city very easily,” George tells us. “I wanted to bring this concept to Ireland – the idea of connecting merchants with their customers really effectivel­y. So we set out to create a service

that would allow customers to get what they want, and to get it quickly.”


The business also grew out the fact that George is an avid foodie himself. He’d noticed the amazing variety of fantastic places to eat that have emerged over the last few years.

“I was a big fan of the takeaway back in the day,” he laughs, “but I think it’s been great to see the variety that there is these days. So many different types of cuisines – all done to a high quality – as opposed to being stuck with your run-of-the-mill thing.”

George decided that, to go with the higher quality food, Ireland needed for a higher quality delivery service. Delivery Tab may have had a humble beginning, starting in George’s basement, with just himself and his laptop. But it has since grown very impressive­ly.

“I delivered all the orders myself in the beginning,” he smiles. “That was back when we had just a few partners, a few independen­t restaurant­s. I’d be partnering with a pizza place in Sandyford and getting a WhatsApp when they were ready for me to deliver!”

Right from the outset, George set himself the goal of making sure that all deliveries are done in less than an hour, creating Delivery

Tab’s ADM (Accelerate­d Delivery Model).

“When we started, all you could get delivered in Ireland were your pizzas, your Chinese, your sh and chips,” George says. “There wasn’t much variety. So we saw the opportunit­y to offer our services to restaurant­s and other businesses. It didn’t matter what the food was – we simply said, ‘Delivery in under an hour’.”

Drivers are assigned to speci c areas. Immediatel­y the order is placed, Delivery Tab get a message and arrive to the restaurant in 20 minutes (or in line with agreed pre-order guidelines). Drivers have insulated delivery bags and other necessary equipment. The customer is updated by text, and can view exactly where the driver is on a map that is supplied. And they have kept that ‘under an hour’ promise...


Delivery Tab received a massive boost when they partnered with Just Eat in 2016 and took over their on-demand delivery service.

“I saw that they had an online menu platform,” he recalls. “So I contacted them and said, ‘I have a pool of drivers here. Why not partner up?’ So over the past three years, we’ve built up a really good relationsh­ip with them, delivering their food services. So it’s gone from being maybe ve restaurant­s and ve delivery drivers in Dublin city centre, to us being active in the whole of Dublin, as well as to Limerick, Cork, Galway.”

Delivery Tab has now turned into a nationwide operation. They currently have up to 400 contractor­s, as well as 10 people working in their city centre of ce. Their latest innovation sees them partnering with Dublin’s Bar Rua to deliver cocktails from the bar straight to your door (yes, you read that right!).

“We’ve got the cocktail app on the site,” George says. “You can go onto our app, go onto the website, go to the products page and then you have a list of cocktails that Bar Rua do. Once you order, the cocktails are made in a jar at the bar. Then one of our drivers takes that and delivers it. They’ll even add the ice and shake the cocktail for the customer at their door! It’s a great service, and the response has been brilliant.”

As they continue to expand, George stresses that Delivery Tab is always looking for more restaurant­s and businesses to partner up with.

“We have the manpower out on the roads at the minute,” he says. “So we’d welcome partnering with new businesses. We also want to expand and focus on corporate orders and business-to-business stuff. The most important thing is that people can totally rely on us. It’s a very good operation!”

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