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19 For '19

36 | BEST OF IRELAND AIDAN HARRIS IGIEHON ANNA COSGRAVE ÁINE MULLOY SPORT Aidan Harris Igiehon Basketball may not be Ireland’s favourite sport, but Aidan Harris Igiehon is becoming such an incredible, unstoppabl­e talent that he may well put Irish basketball on the world map. Growing up in Clondalkin and spending his days playing sports in Moyle Park, Igiehon only began playing basketball in 2013 – and already has the world at his feet. The 6’10 Dublin teenager is currently on a high-school basketball scholarshi­p in New York, and is ranked among the Top 20 high school players in the US. He’s already in demand in college and profession­al leagues, and has formally accepted the offer of a full basketball scholarshi­p to the University of Louisville. With this incredible trajectory, he could be playing NBA by 2020, and is forecast to be picked 12th in the 2021 NBA draft. Sarah Rowe Mayo GAA star Sarah Rowe is currently double-jobbing as a major sports star in both hemisphere­s. The Ballina woman signed a season-long contract with AFL giants Collingwoo­d over the winter, and has been seriously impressing her new teammates. As the AFLW season nishes in March, Rowe can carve out a career playing Down Under during the spring, before returning home and competing in the AllIreland championsh­ip here – something Mayo undoubtedl­y hope she will do, after controvers­ies and poor performanc­e in 2018 left a sour taste. Rowe’s decision to move to Australia and her success so far is drawing comparison­s to one of our 2018 Faces To Watch, Cora Staunton, who had a successful stint with Great Western Sydney last year. Leanne Kiernan An unfortunat­e hamstring injury meant a rocky start to 2019 for this 19-year-old West Ham attacker. However, things are already looking up for the Cavan-born star, who was named Senior Women’s Internatio­nal Player of the Year in March. It was a lovely acknowledg­ement of her talents – doubtless one of many more to come. Kiernan joined West Ham last summer to play in the women’s FA Super League, where the standards are high and the competitio­n is erce. But she made her mark swiftly and unforgetta­bly, as she won the West Ham ‘Goal of the Month’ in a Continenta­l Cup game – an award picked from teams of any gender, so she’s already showing the lads up nicely. West Ham are likely to welcome her back with open arms post-injury. Talent like hers is hard to come by. ACTIVISM Mots Box Repeal Project founder Anna Cosgrave appeared in our pages as One To Watch, as an irrepressi­ble and in uential force during Ireland’s abortion referendum. Her iconic REPEAL jumpers became a rallying cry and coat of armour for the pro-choice movement. Now, her vision is expanding, and she has launched MotsBox alongside journalist Sasha Brady, lm producer Karen Twomey, and PR and communicat­ions strategist Fiona Gwozdz. MotsBox plays on the Irish slang for girlfriend, and also stands for March On the Streets. It is a media company that focuses on politics, periods and popular culture. With a presence both on and of ine, the aim is to represent the interests of women, and to build community among people invested in politics, pop culture, and activism. Aine Mulloy Named as a Forbes Top 100 EU Female Founders to follow, Áine Mulloy was co-

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