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19 For '19 : 38 : 38

19 For '19

NIALL DENNEHY & JOE THOMPSON 38 | BEST OF IRELAND HUGH WELDON AND AHMAD MU’AZZAM world to deliver internatio­nal aid to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon. The idea originally came to Thompson after he ran a 151-mile marathon in the Moroccan desert in 2009 for charity – only to realise that the money he had raised had disappeare­d. Discoverin­g that over 30 percent of internatio­nal aid goes missing, he became interested in ensuring that aid was tracked and donated with total transparen­cy. Blockchain offers that capability, as it keeps a record of every transactio­n, allowing donors to see exactly where their money is going and what it is funding. Aid:Tech has raised an estimated €1 million from investors. Mark Nealon Mark Nealon was studying for his Leaving Certi cate when he realised there had to be a better way to plan and manage school work, to ensure that students could maintain a proper work/life balance. He created MyStudyPal, a study timetable that helps students to set realistic goals and is easily altered when life throws curveballs. Study sessions can be reschedule­d at the click of a button, and social plans and extracurri­cular activities added to ensure they never clash with revision. Students can also sync MyStudyPal with their mobile phone calendar to view their timetable of ine, and receive noti cations when a study session is due to start. Nealon is focused on making MyStudyPal a success in Ireland, but plans to hit the UK and beyond – and to develop a third-level version. Hugh Weldon and Ahmad Mu’azzam Had you won a prestigiou­s award from the United Nations by age 25? Me neither. In contrast, Hugh Weldon was named a Young Champion Of The Earth by the United Nations for his work on Evocco, the company founded with Ahmad Mu’azzam. They met while studying for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineerin­g in Trinity College and joined forced to create Evocco, a smartphone app designed to help consumers to be environmen­tally conscious. The app scans shopping receipts in order to calculate a user’s ecological footprint, but also gives the user informatio­n on their habits, along with tips and tricks to live in a more environmen­tally sustainabl­e way. The app has already won multiple prizes and awards, including the Carbon Footprint Challenge and the WDCD Climate Action Challenge. FILM & TV Laoisa Sexton Laoisa Sexton has made her directoria­l debut with I Didn’t… I Wasn’t… I Amn ‘t – Ireland’s rst “unromantic comedy”. Written and directed by Sexton, the lm features Aidan Gillen, and Neili Conroy, known for Damon & Ivor – oh, and Sexton herself, who stars. The lm is adapted from Sexton’s play For Love, which was produced MARK NEALON

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