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The Great Irish Food & Drink Adventure : 63 : 63

The Great Irish Food & Drink Adventure

T H E G R E AT I R I S H F O O D & D R I N K A DV E N T U R E A love letter to the Donegal coast sliabhliag­ Enjoy An Dúlamán responsibl­y. BEST OF IRELAND | 63 An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin has been described as a love letter to the Donegal coast and is the first gin distilled in the county. In the shadow of Sliabh Liag, the distillers of An Dúlamán distil eleven botanicals in all. Six convention­al botanicals are used to create a robust base for the gin and five locally harvested varieties of seaweed to capture what they cal “Draíocht na Farraige” or the magic of sea. At the heart of the distillery sits Méabh, a hand-hammered 500-litre copper still. Méabh, meaning “she who intoxicate­s” takes the botanicals and yields a gin that is as beautiful in its complexity as it is in its softness.Each single shot distillati­on produces just over 600 bottles of An Dúlamán and once bottled, Moira Doherty - owner and head distiller, hand writes the labels with the batch number and lunar phase of the harvesting of their most elusive shoreline botanical – pepper dulse. An Dúlamán is bottled at 43.2%, the ABV at which the delicate and complex flavours can best be savoured. It is presented in a dark 50cl bottle, reminiscen­t of the bottles found along the Donegal shore duringthe wrecking of the Spanish Armada. An Dúlamán is a bright, refreshing and savoury gin with juniperto the fore and hint of a salty sea breeze developing as the seaweed botanicals become more evident. The signature softness of An Dúlamán balances themore complex flavours, making this a gin as unique as the Donegal coast. @AnDulamanG­in

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