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How would you describe your sound?

Tony Konstone (right): I can rap, and that’s what I’ve been doing – but on the EP, you’ll hear a lot of different stuff from us. It’s not just hip-hop or rap-pop or R&B. We like folk music, we like jazz – we’re going to try different things.

Your recent single ‘Minor Gangsters(Gully)’ is based on former MP Rory Stewart calling you “minor gangsters”…

Lilo Blues (left): We just did it for fun. The song is literally about us playing off the stereotype he tried to place on us. So, we’re acting like we’re all gangster in the song – but then at the end, we’re not.

Goldlink remixed your track ‘Herside Story’.

Lilo: It came about a couple of years ago. He loved the beat and the idea of the song, and he just wanted to remix it. He put it on his album eventually, and we were like, ‘What! We’re on his actual album!’ It was really cool.

Has the track’s success put pressure on you?

Tony: I used to feel we had something to prove – to make a song people really like, a song that’s ours and only ours, not just because Goldlink was on it. But now we don’t care, we’re just making music because we like it.

What has your return to releasing music been like?

Tony: We’re excited – we’ve had a good reaction. We’re psyched to release the rest of it.

You’re about to go on tour.

Tony: This is our first tour in Ireland. We feel like we need a lot more music, but I think it’s a good time to do it. We haven’t been home in a long time.

What can we expect from the upcoming EP?

Lilo: It’s a combinatio­n of different songs from different times. We chose different songs and styles, and there’s going to be some new stuff on it.

• The Superweird EP is released on March 20.

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