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I thought that putting my gratitude for Niall Horan into words would be an easy task, because of the importance he has had in my life for the past eight years, but it’s not. It’s almost ineffable. He started off as a boy in a band to me, but over the years, he has grown into the person

looŽ up to the most. That½s not only VreatiÛely\ it½s also how he talŽs about and treats others; how he uses his voice to put a light on the issues our world is facing; and how he continuous­ly shows immense appreciati­on.

Niall always takes time out of his day to give back; he communicat­es with his fans to the best of his ability and makes them feel valued. He gives so much of himself – both through great humour and kindness, and through vulnerabil­ity and honesty in his music, in a way the listener can relate to. His talent and passion for what he does is so admirable and trustworth­y, and what makes me believe in him as much as I do.

It’s sincere and it’s real, and that’s what makes what Niall Horan does, something only Niall Horan can do. It’s not only happiness – it’s elation. And it gives me purpose to the extent that it keeps me going, which is why he has such a special place in my heart – always.

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