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I am obsessed with The X-Factor and grew up watching it. I got to see Niall’s journey as a musician from the start until now. Niall is a normal person who just happens to be a famous musician. He is humble and sweet and himself no matter what others say. That has inspired me to not conform to what others want, but to be happy in what I am and what I have. Niall writes music you can get lost in. He has helped me feel better about life.

In the summer of 2019, I lost my cousin to suicide. I have a picture of him right next to my bed and I just talk to him all the time. I’d had a really bad day about a month after, so I decided to listen to music while I talked to him. I put my Niall playlist on and the song that came on was ‘Finally Free’. It was like that song was meant to play and get me out of my pain. “Use your heart while it’s still beating,” was the line that made me cry. I started to think that if my cousin isn’t here to live out our plans together, I would live a better life for him.

ˆ> Ü>à Àˆ}…Ì° /…i wÀÃÌ ÃÌi« Ü>à the hardest, but I really do feel like I am free without the extreme pain. ‘Finally Free’ is my favorite song.

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