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I’ll be honest, I didn’t much care for One Direction when they wÀÃÌ ÃÌ>ÀÌi` œÕÌ] LÕÌ Ž˜iÜ Ì…i“ because my niece loved them. Little by little, I began to notice the blonde one who had the cutest voice and accent ever, and I realised I wanted to see more of him instead of the other boys (who are grand btw). I felt too weird to ask my niece who he was so, I typed in ‘the blonde one from 1D’ into Google and boom. From that day forward, I was a diehard Niall girl, and nobody would ever sway me otherwise.

I had recently gotten out of a nightmaris­h relationsh­ip that destroyed my self-esteem, and I was so sad all the time. The

more I watched and listened to Niall, his positivity and fun spirit began to affect me. I decided I wanted to be happy and have a positive impact on people, just as he’d had on me. If Niall ever reads this, I just want him to know that some random girl in America thanks him for being himself, and for making songs that really strike like lightning in my heart. Much love from the Rocky Mountains to my favorite church boy.

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