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I spend my days alone in a room listening to music, working on computer networks. It’s a great life! Recently, I let the YouTube algorithm choose my playlist. Being a profession­al IT geek, I found the music choices fairly spot on. Just what I expected. Suddenly this new voice came through my headset and stopped me in my tracks. Who is this Niall Horan? Is this guy new? Being of a certain age, the whole “1D thing” never applied to me.

Niall is something special with a beautiful vocal range! He is a very decent and gifted man! His music speaks to me. I lost my father last month. The morning after the funeral, I sat in my truck to take some time to myself. As I turned on the XMRadio, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ came on. It made me smile, and got me happy and tapping my foot. Only music can do that to a person, and I was glad it was Niall’s talent that made me smile that day. Thanks, Niall.

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