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March 6 finds super-producer Phil Harding speaking at Temple

Bar’s Sound Training College at 7pm. Renowned for eclectic CV, ranging from Kylie Minogue and Dead Or Alive to Killing Joke and The Clash, Harding has in recent years been keen to impart his accumulate­d wisdom to aspiring producers.

“I’ve encouraged colleagues to give back through education,” he tells Hot Press. “To allow students to get the fantastic opportunit­ies that I never had when I started back in the ’70s. And to really get a broad spectrum of knowledge and tips from all sorts of industry people, as well as their regular lecturers and tutors.”

Harding also believes that collaborat­ion is key to success.

“Partly because of the experience I’ve had, I’m a great believer in creative teamwork,” he notes. “Quite often I’ll see students thinking that they’re going to forge their career on their own in this world.

I’m very strong on pushing the idea that you need to have a wide range of skills. But you need to find your element, or what your main skill is, within the production and songwritin­g scenario. Find out the things that you’re not so strong at, and surround yourself with people who are better at those skills.”

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