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Peter Morén, Björn Yttling, and John Eriksson have been making music together for 20 years, hitting commercial paydirt when the whistle-tastic ‘Young Folks’ became one of 2007’s most infectious hits. Endless Dream is their ninth album, and is a laid-back and poptastic antidote to their last release, 2018’s Darker Days – a state-of-theunivers­e affair that was as bleak as its title suggests. This time around, they’ve left the grim rumination­s behind and focused on the kind of catchy electro-pop that made their name, from the laidback opener ‘Music’ to the slinky ‘Drama King’, whose slightly menacing bassline has something of a ’60s’ swish, backed up with busier beats.

The frothy pop of ‘Reasons To Be Reasonable’ is as radio-friendly as they come, while the bitterswee­t vocal of ‘Endless Reruns’ recalls

Ian Broudie in his Lightning

Seeds pomp. The driving ‘Out Of Nowhere’ takes a while to get out of second gear, but when it does, it overflows with technicolo­ur pop brilliance, whereas ‘A Week-End’ never really hits top speed. ‘Rusty Nail’ takes its inspiratio­n from a Swedish kids’ song about swapping toys, apparently – not that one would gather that from the lyrics!

Taken individual­ly, these are perfectly acceptable indie-pop efforts, but after a while they start to blend together a little. It’s a pity, because they can put together a really memorable tune, like the closing ‘On The Brink’. It’s a rousing affair, with a vocal that’s not a million miles away from The Waterboys’ Mike Scott in his prime. But too much of Endless Dream plays it safe. OUT MARCH 13 · JOHN WALSHE

 ??  ?? ‘On The Brink’ INGRID Endless Dream Peter, Bjorn And John
‘On The Brink’ INGRID Endless Dream Peter, Bjorn And John

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