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Porridge Radio are one of the UK’s most promising acts, thanks to a slew of successful singles and a longer effort recorded in – yes – a garden shed. Studio debut Every Bad – originally conceived as lead singer Dana Margolin’s solo DIY project – finds the group realising their potential: it has polished production, whilst retaining the rawness and vulnerabil­ity that made them so special to begin with.

At times, Margolin’s voice is effortless­ly cool and aloof; at others, it’s on the verge of completely breaking. Throughout the record, she questions her place in the world, and how to process her own feelings and anxieties, via lyrics that sound like poetic diary excerpts. On each track, Margolin fixates on a line or two, repeating it into what feels like oblivion.

At times it can be monotonous, but Margolin imbues each repetition with just enough variety to make it interestin­g. It might be a slight shift in tone, or the addition of a word that does the trick, as the feeling oscillates from elation to desperatio­n. Musically, Every

Bad touches on the best parts of post-punk and dark indie, making for an exciting and well-rounded experience. ‘Long’, an existentia­l anthem incorporat­ing ’80s synths and screaming guitars, is a highlight. In a time when post-punk bands are ten-a-penny, Porridge Radio stand apart from the crowd. OUT MARCH 13 · INGRID ANGULO

 ??  ?? Porridge Radio Every Bad ‘Long’ SECRETLY CANADIAN
Porridge Radio Every Bad ‘Long’ SECRETLY CANADIAN

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