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It’s been a while since we had a fresh collection of tunes from sibling duo Hudson Taylor, who rank among Ireland’s numerous busker success stories of recent years. But fully five years on from their debut, Singing For Strangers, Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor have returned with a strong sophomore effort.

In last month’s Hot Press cover story, Hudson Taylor promised the LP would be an emotional deep dive. “It’s not so much an escape as a way to find pure, absolute presence,” said Harry. “In this magical flow state, you might be writing, and find that something happening in the world is coming through you emotionall­y.”

Loving Everywhere I Go indeed does exactly what the title and the lads promise, exploring the theme of love against an eclectic musical backdrop. ‘Run With Me’ is an energetic opener, bursting with the warmth of classic Americana. In contrast, ‘Feel It Again’ is a gut-wrenching commentary on emotional awareness and transparen­cy in mental health conversati­ons. Though it boasts a catchy melody and stirring beat, the song pulls no emotional punches: “Let the tears come down like a waterfall/ I’d rather live with the pain/ Than die feel feeling nothing at all”.

There are some moments that feel a bit disjointed, with the likes of ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong’ and ‘Six Last Words’ sounding like offcuts from a film soundtrack rather than fully-fledged anthems. But when you factor in tracks such as the brilliantl­y melodic

‘Just Like That’ and the campfire singalong ‘Old Soul’, Loving Everywhere I Go ultimately proves irresistib­le OUT NOW · BRENNA RANSDEN

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 ??  ?? ‘Feel It Again’ RUBYWORKS Loving Everywhere I Go Hudson Taylor
‘Feel It Again’ RUBYWORKS Loving Everywhere I Go Hudson Taylor

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