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A new outdoor adventure app encourages girls to reach for the moon. MISHON is designed for Irish Girl Guides, who are on a mission to raise funds for their new National Training Centre in Tallaght. These industriou­s damsels are aiming to travel the distance from the Earth to the moon (363,104 kilometres), on foot, bicycle, swimming, surfing and kayaking. The app, designed by Kilkenny’s Brendan Morrissey, keeps track of their progress and chart their fund-raising, which aims to raise €1 for each one km covered.

The bureaucrat­ic headache of running a small club could be solved through SUBSNINJA, an Irish app that makes minimal fuss out of admin. Jer Ryan, brains behind the project, has geared the app towards yoga, pilates, swimming, keep-fit, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and other such small clubs. The app lets organisers make attendance records, keep lists of members, collect Stripe payments, and keep up with GDPR compliance.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out to GOLOUDS, digital audio awards for Irish podcasts. The awards, which are happening later this year, will anoint three podcasters with trophies for Best Irish Podcast, Best Internatio­nal Podcast, and Best Newcomer. GOLOUD, an Irish app that offers live radio, podcasting, and streaming, under one roof, is also creating the GoLoud Podship: a bursary that features studio facilities, production support, and a marketing launch, for whoever whips up the best original idea for a podcast.

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