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20-20 VISION

Samsung is setting out to change the way we see the world. We’re not talking mass hypnosis, just a new phone that features Samsung’s largest image sensor to date. The Samsung Galaxy S20 increases camera resolution with a 64MP camera. The posher S20 Ultra 5G comes with a 108MP version. Both suck up light to create rich images when darkness falls. The S20 has a 30X zoom, for getting close and personal with your subjects. There’s also 8K video shooting on the camera, and you can grab high res stills from your footage. S20 hits the shelves just in time for St Patrick, on March 13, with prices starting at €929 for the S20 4G.


Sony’s new Xperia is busting convention and taking a different slant on life, most noticeably through its 21:9 aspect ratio. According to Sony, Xperia L4’s 6.2”, 21:0 display, lets you see more and scroll less. A “sense” function hops into your favourite apps. The L4 has a triple camera, featuring a 13MP lens, 5MP ultrawide lens and 2MP depth camera, which amounts to photograph­ic mastery. L4 is being launched in two colours – black and blue – this spring.


Gamers might be known for their online antics: shooting each other, driving cars over cliffs, blowing up airports, etc. In the real world, they sit on the couch covered in yesterday’s pizza. But, hey, gamers have souls too. On March 4, students from across Ireland explored how online gaming might change the world for the better, for Games Fleadh 2020. Trocaire were amongst those in attendance, at the Limerick Institute of Technology, exploring how games can make positive changes in areas such as climate justice, human rights, and sustainabl­e developmen­t goals. For more informatio­n, check out gamesflead­

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 ??  ?? Gamers do their bit for humanity; Samsung Galaxy S20 for happy snappers
Gamers do their bit for humanity; Samsung Galaxy S20 for happy snappers

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