Suzie Coen talks to three sets of mums and daughters about their shared love of fashion

Inspiratio­n, nemesis, supporter or critic – whatever role your mother takes in your life, you are who you are because of her. Here, three sets of stylish mums and daughters tell

SUZIE COEN how they influence each other and the joy of their fashion bond.


RUTH Fashion has created such a bond for all of the females in my family. My favourite people to shop with are my mum and my sisters. We love looking and trying-on even if we are not buying. I remember trips to Brown Thomas with my mum as a little girl and her dressing up to go into town. She looked so elegant. The whole thing felt so special, and I love taking my girls into town now too.

Do I inf luence the girls in how they dress? I’m not sure.

I do ask Mabel’s advice if I’m unsure of an outfit, and her advice is usually bang on. However, they are less keen to hear my advice if I think something looks a little off! I think the usual outside influences apply to Mabel – she is undoubtedl­y influenced by her peers and what she sees on TV. I think Bonnie is less influenced by outside sources, but then she is only seven.

I would describe Mabel’s style as young and free – she likes to wear a mix of vintage and high street clothes. Like a lot of kids these days, she loves leggings and runners; but given an excuse to dress up, she will happily go for a pretty girlie dress. Bonnie’s style is a little bolder and more eclectic – she’s very brave with her choice of colour and pattern. She loves to layer, and often the results are bizarrely cool; and other times she just looks like a crazy person! But it’s all good. I think we all approach dressing with a sense of fun – we all love wearing metallics, neons and frills, etc. We’re true maximalist­s.

When I think of fashion, I automatica­lly think of my mum, even though we have such different styles. She is always so beautifull­y dressed. I have such vivid memories of her dressing up to go out to dinner with my dad when we were kids. I’d love to sit on her bed and watch her get ready. I’m not sure I’ve passed on style tips to my girls as such. I guess like lots of things in life, you pick up on what matters to people around you, and some of that rubs off on you. I think I’ve learnt from my kids to just go for it and enjoy wearing fun things. I see how much they express themselves through their clothes without even trying.

MABEL My mum’s style is never the same; it’s always changing, and I love that. I like to think that mine is different too. I don’t like to feel limited to anything in particular. I follow lots of varied fashion accounts on Instagram, and I can’t wait to start my own soon.

BONNIE I think my mum looks cool; sometimes a bit weird! I think fashion means freedom, and I like that.

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