WHAT IT CLAIMS This is a minimally invasive fat cell removal procedure that utilises a gentle, high-speed vibration-assisted energy to break down fat cells. It can be performed under local anaestheti­c and is ideal for targeting fat deposits in specific areas that do not respond to diet and exercise, including the neck and jawline, arms, legs, saddlebags, buttocks, hips and abdomen.

HOW IT WORKS After a local anaestheti­c is used to numb the area (a light anti-anxiety medication may be prescribed), a long, narrow cannula is inserted via a small incision into the treatment site.

The cannula is then vibrated, causing a gentle whirling motion, which breaks up the fat. These vibrations often cause a tickling sensation in patients, hence the treatment’s name. The fat is then suctioned out via the same cannula. The procedure takes a few hours or more, depending on the amount of fat being removed. There is usually no need for sutures, and patients are typically able to leave shortly after the procedure, but are advised to wear a pressure garment for one to four weeks. Results take around three weeks, with optimum results within a few months.

THE EXPERT Dr Házem Kahlout, who specialise­s in body contouring procedures, says, “Tickle Liposuctio­n is an advanced form of liposuctio­n performed under local anaestheti­c. The machine moves the liposuctio­n wand repetitive­ly in a circular motion, enabling us to collect fat at a much higher rate than through traditiona­l liposuctio­n. The cannula is smaller in size also, making it safer, and resulting in a quicker recovery and downtime. My patients often return to normal activities within two to three days and resume strenuous physical activities within a week.”

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