Modern Botany


Modern Botany is the epitome of an “if you know, you know” brand… those who have already found the golden skin oil, and/or natural deodorant are fully aware of the brand’s superior credential­s, formulatio­n, and user appeal – these are personal care products you’ll want to display in the bathroom. The brainchild of British pharmacogn­osist (herbal medicine) Simon Jackson (who earned his beauty brand stripes with his first cult skin line, Dr Jackson) and partner John Murray, the Modern Botany duo are now based in Schull, West Cork, where the showroom doubles as an inadverten­t art gallery and busy hub for product developmen­t and marketing. A true example of a ten-yearoverni­ght-success, the gents launched their iconic face oil in 2016, but it had been in the pipeline for much longer. They launched the deodorant in 2018, and have just spawned a 25ml travel size version of the same.

They knew they were onto a success, however, when retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Content Beauty in London, and The Detox Market chain in the US started filing orders, alongside retailers closer to home. Certificat­ion is important to the Modern Botany brand, and products proudly display the Leaping Bunny logo (against animal cruelty), vegan certificat­ion and the Guaranteed Irish G, which will become an even prouder boast next year, when the pair’s homegrown chamomile, recently harvested, will hit the supply chain.

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