CHALLENGE The first stage is identifyin­g the challenge you want to overcome. This can be any type of test, goal or objective you may be faced with. Realising the nature of your challenge is the first step to mastering it.

REACTION This is your first response to the challenge you’re faced with.

You may have thoughts of doubt, you may be second-guessing yourself or thinking, “I can’t do this” or “this isn’t possible”. In this stage of the method, I’ll explain how to take these negative thoughts and turn them into positives, quiet all of the chaos inside your head and reach the level of focus required to take on the task at hand.

APPROACH Once you have controlled the noise inside your mind and have achieved that focus, you must consider how best to approach the situation.

This step takes into account factors such as preparatio­n, attitude, accountabi­lity, and keeping control of your emotions. This stage is vitally important, as the way in which you approach a challenge directly determines the level of success you will achieve.

RESOLVE When you have mastered the previous two stages, you need to make sure that you achieve and maintain a level of resolve. Things that play into this include your overall mindset, selfeffica­cy, motivation­s and perhaps most importantl­y – identifyin­g and keeping in mind the driving force behind why you wish to overcome this challenge. Bringing together all of these factors will allow you to attain and harness your resolve to keep you pushing through.

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