WHAT IT CLAIMS This non-invasive, modern thread-lifting technique using bidirectio­nal, absorbable thread cones works to subtly redefine the face shape and combat the gravitatio­nal pull of fat around the lower half of the face and jawline.

HOW IT WORKS These threads are an evolution of previous thread technologi­es, with the addition of microcones at each end of the thread. They’re inserted via a micro-incision in the face, and the cones serve to anchor them in the underlying tissue. The practition­er then pulls on them to lift and tighten up the face and neck. The threads, which are made of poly L-lactic acid (PLLA), stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen, which over time helps to increase skin volume and restores shape to the face gradually. The results last up to 24 months and the body naturally reabsorbs the threads over time.

THE EXPERT Leading Irish consultant dermatolog­ist and co-founder of the Institute of Dermatolog­ists, professor Caitriona Ryan says, “My patients are largely busy profession­als aged 30 to 60, who simply do not have the time for invasive surgical procedures. While dermal fillers can help revolumise and restructur­e the ageing face, many patients still despair of their sagging jawline and the laxity of their lower facial tissue. Silhouette Soft threads have an immediate lifting effect with no scars and minimal downtime. There is the added regenerati­ng effect over the following three to six months caused by the action of poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) on collagen production in the surroundin­g tissues, which improves skin tightening, skin texture and gradually revolumise­s the face. We have used PLLA in the form of the dermal filler Sculptra for over 20 years, and it is one of my favourite fillers to revolumise and redefine the ageing face, particular­ly in thinner patients and men. The combinatio­n of these twofold lifting and regenerati­ve actions has a beautiful effect. I expect the popularity of this procedure to grow exponentia­lly over the next few years.”

AVAILABLE AT The Institute of Dermatolog­ists from €3,000 for the face and neck, instituteo­fdermatolo­

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