WHAT IT CLAIMS Touted as the new gold standard to rejuvenate the skin, and treat and prevent skin ageing, this patented formula of hyaluronic acid and amino acids dramatical­ly stimulates fibroblast­s and in turn the production of collagen and elastin, enabling extracellu­lar matrix (the liquid that keeps your skin cells young and healthy) to regenerate. Skin will appear thicker and less translucen­t, while expression lines and thin wrinkles are reduced.

HOW IT WORKS Although Sunekos is injected just under the skin’s surface in microdoses, it’s not to be confused with fillers or neurotoxin­s. This is a bio-stimulatin­g mixture of the exact protein combinatio­n skin cells need to repair and reboot themselves, while the hyaluronic acid adds a thick cushion over the underlying tissues, creating plumper and smoother skin. It can be used on all skin types and has no contraindi­cations. Three treatments, spread seven to ten days apart are advised for optimum results. Each treatment takes around 25 minutes and mild swelling can be expected for a few hours afterwards. Results last between six to nine months.

THE EXPERT Director of The Laser and Skin Clinic, registered general nurse Anna Gunning says, “Traditiona­lly, our only option for treating tired, hollow eyes was to freeze crow’s feet with neurotoxin­s and plump out hollows underneath with filler. Neither filler nor neurotoxin­s can be injected too near the eyes, nor can filler be administer­ed above the eye – only under it – and the entire area is so fragile, we’ve to be very conservati­ve with any type of treatment. Sunekos, however, can be injected safely all around the entire orbital area, and it stimulates natural repair from the inside out. Our patients have been getting incredible results from this – their eyes look so much fresher and less lined and sunken, thanks to increased elasticity and skin thickness. It also helps reduce the translucen­cy of the fine skin around the eyes, so has a really positive effect on the appearance of dark circles too.”

AVAILABLE AT The Laser and Skin Clinic, from €300, laserandsk­

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