Ireland of the Welcomes

Editor's Letter


Hello and welcome to the July / August issue of Ireland of the Welcomes. At the height of summer, Ireland continues to celebrate a return to some sort of normality. As the long bright evenings continue to make the nation smile we're delighted to share some wonderful treasures scattered around the island and through our history with our readers old and new.

As Ireland welcomes back holidaymak­ers we take a look at some wonderful and unique hotel deals as well as a roundup of what's going on around the country. We also look at the great new Irish books on the market so you can kick back and be entertaine­d this summer. Domhnall O'Donoghue unearths the delectable delights around the County of Sligo from luxury hotel meals to "shucking" oysters. Meanwhile, Deanna O'Connor dips her toe into traditiona­l Irish music and explores the music scene, countrysid­e, and culture in County Clare. With August on the horizon, we take a look at the ancient Celtic festival of Lughnasa, its history and rituals, and what celebratio­ns remain in modern Ireland. We also explore one of the most significan­t ambushes in Ireland's War of Independen­ce through photos and a fascinatin­g book extract.

We hope you take a little time out during these summer months and enjoy this edition of Ireland of the Welcomes.


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