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If you’ve ever wondered why a County Kerry town has a goat for a king, wonder no more


About the Puck Fair, the annual festival in County Kerry

Ireland is renowned for festivals and celebratio­ns, but none are perhaps quite as quirky as the annual Puck Fair held in Killorglin, County Kerry. Every August the tiny town of Killorglin appoints a new king for a period of three days, a king who just happens to be a goat. The "Poc", translated from Irish means "wild goat" and the Poc is captured from the surroundin­g hills in a tradition that can be traced back to 1603. The puck is the chosen king as its a symbol of pagan fertility. The goat, once captured, is fed and watered while being held with ceremonial status for the three days at the centre of the festival. One theory in relation to the origins of the Puck Fair is the link with Lughnasadh, the Gaelic festival which marks the beginning of the harvest season in Ireland Lughnasadh takes place at roughly the halfway point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox while the permanent statue of the "King Puck" serves as a yearround reminder of this unique festival..

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