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Cillian Murphy's top-rated roles ranked in new study


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Irish actor Cillian Murphy's perfor‐ mances in "Oppenheime­r" and "Peaky Blinders" have been ranked as his most popular roles by a new study.

The study, commission­ed by Betfair Casino, ranked Cillian Murphy's most popular performanc­es based on IMDb, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes rat‐ ings.

Audiences were split between Murphy's performanc­e in the title role of Christophe­r Nolan's 2023 summer blockbuste­r "Oppenheime­r" and his per‐ formance as Tommy Shelby in the hugely popular BBC crime series "Peaky Blinders."


Cillian Murphy in "Oppenheime­r" Meanwhile, his performanc­e in the Ken Loach film "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" has been ranked as his thirdmost popular performanc­e. Murphy plays Damien O'Donovan in the 2006 film, which won the prestigiou­s Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The film centers on two Cork brothers during the Irish War of Independen­ce and the subsequent Civil War, pitting them against each other in heartbreak‐ ing circumstan­ces.

His performanc­e in the 2021 post-apoc‐ alyptic horror-thriller "A Quiet Place Part II" was named his fourth-most pop‐ ular role in the new study, with his per‐ formance in "Cold Mountain," a 2003 film that follows a Confederat­e deserter toward the end of the US Civil War, completed the top five. "Sunshine," which takes place in 2057 and follows a group of astronauts work‐ ing to save the sun, was named his sixth-most popular role, with comedythri­ller "The Party" taking seventh place. His performanc­es in Irish films "Inter‐ mission" and "Breakfast on Pluto" also feature in the top ten in addition to the apocalypti­c thriller "28 Days Later."

Cillian Murphy’s top-rated film and TV roles (index score created using ratings from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic):

1. "Oppenheime­r" (tie) 1. "Peaky Blinders" (tie) 2. "The Wind that Shakes the Bar‐ ley" 3. "A Quiet Place Part II" 4. "Cold Mountain" 4. "Sunshine" 5. "The Party" 6. "Intermissi­on" 7. "28 Days Later" 8. "An‐ thropoid" 9. "Breakfast On Pluto" 10. "Free Fire"

Murphy, 47, has been nominated for the Best Actor Award at the upcoming Os‐ cars for his performanc­e in "Oppen‐ heimer" last summer and recently opened the Berlin Internatio­nal Film Festival with his new movie "Small

Things Like These."

The film, which is based on the Claire Keegan book of the same name, follows an Irish father who accidental­ly discov‐ ers the harsh conditions of a Magdalene Laundry in 1980s Ireland.

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