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I am 22 and have been with my boyfriend, who is 35, for one year. When we argue, he becomes very mean. If I get annoyed with him, he pushes me away and won’t get back with me until I say sorry and ask for his forgivenes­s. If he sees me talking to another man, he uses vulgar language to reprimand me. But I feel I can’t live without him because of the love I felt when I first met him. We are happy when we’re not arguing. He doesn’t talk much and I wonder whether this will change if I give him time. I know that he has a son, but he denies it. I am a sucker for love and I just want us to be happy together. Is this too much to ask? The problem is that you are in love with the man you want him to be – but the reality is different. Perhaps you fell in love because he is attractive, a good lover and was initially charming. But the behaviour that has emerged is controllin­g and, over time, the arguments and his possessive­ness will increase and you will end up unhappy. Secondly, if he has a son and denies it, then goodness knows what else he might be prepared to lie about. Maybe he has another girlfriend. He sounds as though he has absolutely nothing to recommend him. The best thing you could do is end this relationsh­ip now.

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