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By Sally Brompton

- by Sally Brompton

PISCES 20 FEB-20 MARCH Full Moons are always important for Pisceans, and today’s Full Moon is doubly significan­t as it falls in your opposite sign of Virgo. In a nutshell, don’t let your emotions run away with you. Your loving temperamen­t is something to be proud of, but there are times when it needs to be controlled – and this week is one of them. CALL 1560 475 011*

ARIES 21 MARCH-20 APRIL What takes place in your life over the next 48 hours will convince you beyond any reasonable doubt that you were right to trust your instincts. In fact, what seemed such an irrational reaction a few weeks ago may turn out to be the most sensible thing you’ve done all year. CALL 1560 475 012*

TAURUSyour individual­ity21 APRIL-21 is MAY being You threatened,may feel but is it simply that you don’t want to share the things that bring you so much enjoyment? Rest assured, there is plenty to go around. Besides, the harder you cling on to something, the more likely it is that you’ll lose it. CALL 1560 475 013*

GEMINIto look more22 MAY-21 deeply JUNE into This a is subjectthe time that secretly intrigues you. It may not be the kind of thing that normally attracts you, but Mercury’s change of signs will ensure it catches your imaginatio­n and refuses to let go. You won’t be happy until you’ve investigat­ed it thoroughly. CALL 1560 475 014*

CANCER 22 JUNE-23 JULY Logical Mercury’s change of signs this week will help you to realise that so many of your current problems are nothing of the sort. Think of all the people who would like to swap your problems for their own, and you will be more inclined to thank fate rather than curse it. CALL 1560 475 015*

LEO Mercury24 JULY-23 enters AUG the Because sympatheti­c mind sign planet of Aries tomorrow, you can rise above the emotional and financial worries that have caused you so many sleepless nights. Life is to be enjoyed, not dreaded. Change your state of mind and you will change your luck. CALL 1560 475 016*

VIRGO 24 AUG-23 SEPT Think carefully before committing yourself to anything of a financial or business nature this week. You may be eager to boost your status and credit rating, but if you rush into something, you may have to rush out of it again – at a loss. There will be plenty of opportunit­ies ahead. CALL 1560 475 017* LIBRA 24 SEPT-23 OCT

If you’re curious to know why a partner or loved one is acting so out of character, ask them. The direct approach is often the best, and with Mercury now entering your opposite sign, you won’t be denied an answer. But neither will you be able to change their mind, so don’t try. CALL 1560 475 018* SCORPIO 24 OCT-22 NOV

There may be a temptation to get on your high horse and tell a partner or colleague where they have been going wrong, but make sure your own record is beyond reproach before you do. There is an art to making criticism palatable – you must master it quickly. CALL 1560 475 019* SAGITTARIU­S 23 NOV-21 DEC

Just because you fear your words may be misread by those who, to say the least, are rather touchy just now, doesn’t mean you must keep quiet. Mercury in Aries from Monday denotes you have something important to say, something you know you’ve no right to keep to yourself. CALL 1560 475 020* CAPRICORN 22 DEC-20 JAN

You may not be the most demonstrat­ive of individual­s, but today’s Full Moon warns you not to let your emotions get the better of you. The best way to deal with annoying people is to ignore them – and the best way to deal with your anger is to channel it into something creative. CALL 1560 475 021* AQUARIUS 21 JAN-19 FEB

You hate playing guessing games – if someone has something to say, you expect them to say it. During past weeks, there have been hints aplenty, but little in the way of factual informatio­n. Once Mercury moves a little deeper into Aries, you will know what’s going on. CALL 1560 475 010*

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