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Maple syrup cream cheese buttercrea­m


This is the one and only for my carrot cakes. Its texture is looser than traditiona­l buttercrea­m; the more you whip the cream cheese, the runnier it gets, so once you’ve added it, whip it just enough to combine and you are good to go. MAKES ABOUT 1KG 250g butter, softened 5 tbsp maple syrup seeds of ½ vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla extract 550g icing sugar 250g cream cheese (I use Philadelph­ia) EQUIPMENT hand-held electric whisk or stand mixer 1 Place the butter, maple syrup and vanilla in a large bowl or stand mixer. If you are using a hand-held electric whisk, then add the icing sugar little by little so that it does not fly everywhere, and mix well between additions. 2 If you are using a stand mixer, fit it with a paddle attachment, then add the icing sugar in one go and carefully place a tea towel over the machine, taking care not to get it anywhere near the paddle. Beat well for 5-7 minutes, until the mixture is really light and fluffy. 3 When the buttercrea­m is light and fluffy and the icing sugar is all mixed in, add the cream cheese and beat it for another minute or so. TIP The buttercrea­m keeps at room temperatur­e for 2 days, or up to 1 week in the fridge covered with clingfilm. Use as required. This buttercrea­m usually gets used up quickly in my house, but if you need to you can freeze it and defrost it overnight in the fridge before use. ➤

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