He has stopped me see­ing my grand­son


My son and his wife of two years won’t speak to me or in­vite me to their new home – which I helped them to buy. His wife wants noth­ing to do with me, de­spite the fact that, for two years, I trav­elled 30 miles a day to look af­ter my grand­son so that she could go to the gym to get her fig­ure back. My son has no em­pa­thy to­wards me and even taught my grand­son to say ‘Go home Nana’ and ‘B ***** off Grand­dad’. My ex-hus­band and I are in bits. I have tried speak­ing to my son in many dif­fer­ent ways – a gen­tle ap­proach does not work as he seems to see it as weak­ness. When I threat­ened him, a show of power and steel did seem to get his re­spect and I am now able to see my grand­son for two hours a week. How­ever, this is such a lit­tle amount of time and I am heart­bro­ken that I can never share in his school ac­tiv­i­ties or take him out to do fun things. I feel I have lost a son and found a mon­ster. I am so sorry about how you are be­ing treated. You have done so much for them. It seems as though your son has been in­flu­enced by his wife and that she is ex­clud­ing you be­cause she wants him to her­self and is ex­tremely spoilt and con­trol­ling. How­ever, it also sounds from what you say in your longer let­ter as though your son has been very dif­fi­cult over the years and I am con­cerned about the way he talks to your grand­son. Please con­tact Treoir (treoir.ie , 01 670 0120) as they can give you more ad­vice and sup­port.

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