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These examples from the thousands posted on YouTube could prove there are ghosts in the machine…

frightened by it. In fact, it’s nice to think she’s watching over her great-grandson.’

Another mother, Hayley, got in touch to tell me about her video monitor which picked up three balls of white light hovering in the open doorway of her sons’ room one evening. ‘I froze and tried to tell myself it was just a reflection of something, then the balls rose in the air, moved into the room and circled over my sons, then aged three and one, before whooshing towards the curtains and vanishing,’ says Hayley, a business owner.

‘It was over in less than 15 seconds. I bolted up the stairs to find the boys sleeping soundly, but the room had a very calm, settled feeling. I felt very shaken and upset.

‘I never saw anything on the monitor again but after that my youngest went through a phase of telling me there was a man in his room. He would wave at the ceiling and say he was waving goodbye to him.’

According to psychic Amanda Tooke, infants and monitors are the perfect storm when it comes to rousing the paranormal. ‘Babies and children up to the age of about seven are very receptive to seeing and hearing spirits and



I’m just dotty about this happy little shopper Bag, €165, essentiel

A vintage-inspired take-me-to-tea frock

If you need refuelling during the busy Christmas shopping season, there are few better pitstops in Dublin city centre than Carluccio’s, on the corner of Dawson Street and Duke Street. This chain of Italian goodness is celebratin­g its 20th anniversar­y this year and its experience shines through.

During a recent visit, the restaurant was buzzing with the kind of excitement that emanates from a midweek dinner crowd and a window seat overlookin­g the lashing rain outside made it feel cosier.

A starter of spinach and smoked mozzarella arancini were delightful­ly crunchy on the outside and deliciousl­y creamy on the inside, with a tasty kick provided by a spicy tomato sauce. Chicken liver pate was perfectly blended to just the right consistenc­y and complement­ed perfectly by crunchy ciabatta toast. A red onion marmalade even finished it off beautifull­y.

A beef ragu pappardell­e benefited greatly from being slow-cooked, with the herb and olive flavours released evenly throughout. A chicken and pesto risotto was a lovely winter warmer, topped with fresh Parmigiano Reggiano shavings.

We almost skipped dessert but our waitress highly recommende­d the classic Italian Tiramisu and panettone so we relented – and were very glad we did. Both were rich without being heavy, and so tasty that we even bought one of the latter in the shop on the way out.

The restaurant currently has a delightful Christmas menu on offer, with 2 courses from €26.50 and 3 courses from €31. It will fill you full of festive cheer. Visit for reservatio­ns

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