Irish Daily Mail - YOU : 2020-08-01



MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS ‘Mum shared my spare room with champagne and condoms!’ Emma Sayle, friend of Kate and William and the brains behind upmarket sex party company Killing Kittens, was her mother Maly’s lifesaver after an acrimoniou­s divorce left her penniless. And having Mum as a roommate was the best thing that happened to Emma, too Emma Sayle, 42, is the founder of upmarket sex party company Killing Kittens. She lives with her husband James and their three children When I was a child, Mum came across to everyone as the perfect army wife: brilliant at entertaini­ng, never complainin­g. My parents married at 24 and had me at 27, followed by my sister Georgie, 40, and brother JonJon, 35. Dad’s job as a defence attaché meant they moved countries every two years, so I was sent to boarding school aged eight. During the holidays I’d visit them in different countries – Kuwait, Egypt, Germany. In my teens I began to notice how Dad treated Mum. I always thought of him as a bully – telling her what to wear, banning her from going out, stopping her from growing her hair. She walked on eggshells trying to please him. Things started to change when they moved back home after I left university. After years of following Dad’s job and not being able to have her own career, Mum became an events 34 1 AUGUST 2020

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